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Through HCCMCA, member health plans offer their plan participants outstanding benefits and high-quality health care services – at lower costs.

Who We Are

Since 1994, Health Care Cost Management Corporation of Alaska, Inc. (HCCMCA) has been helping member health plans control health care costs by negotiating better pricing  on health benefits and services than these same plans could achieve on their own.

HCCMCA negotiates discounts with area hospitals, physician and provider groups as well as vision, hearing, disease management and prescription drug service providers to serve our health plan members. We also offer access to programs to reduce administrative expenses and provide value-added services, such as annual health fairs.

HCCMCA has 43 participating member plans which currently cover nearly 250,000 lives – and we’re growing. Our member plans range in size from just 100 to more than 7,000 employees, and include a variety of plan types, including Taft-Hartley Trust funds, government health plans, public sector health trusts and single employer plans. We are a member-driven organization, governed by our own members. Find out how to join.

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How We Work

HCCMCA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of two voting members from each participating plan. The Board meets quarterly.

HCCMCA works with professional consultants, attorneys and others to implement HCCMCA-sponsored programs. We also give members a forum to share information about common problems, issues and best practices.

To join HCCMCA, each member plan pays a one-time fee of just $3.00 per employee. Then, these same plans pay access fees based on the programs they use. The access fee may be based on utilization, a percentage of claims or savings, or member health plans may pay a per-member per-month charge.

Learn moreDownload PDF about joining HCCMCA.

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Click here to download a copy of the HCCMCA brochure, "Keep Health Care Affordable for Workers and their Families—Join HCCMCA".

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